5 Essential Saltwater Fishing Lures

Looking to increase your saltwater fishing strike rate, yet don't want to lug a massive tackle box full of lures along with you? Then look no further! Our guide of five essential saltwater fishing lures is designed to help you minimize and simplify your tackle box while optimizing your saltwater fishing strike rate. 


1) Soft Plastic Lures

One of the top saltwater lures on the market, soft plastic lures come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can be used in many ways. Twister tails and shad bodies make good lure additions to jigs and bucktails. Flukes also look good as a trailer, or they can be rigged on a hook without any weight to sink slowly or shoot across the surface. Swimbaits feature a lead-head jig molded inside a soft plastic body. Use a soft plastic that matches the size of the bait.

Some would argue that the paddletail soft plastic is the most versatile of all lures saltwater fishing. These lures can draw strikes from pretty much all predator fish that eat smaller baitfish. Plus their soft tail generates great motion when retrieved through the water enables this lure to get strikes even with a straight retrieve. Though arguably the reason why paddletail ranks in the top spot for some is because these lures can effectively cover so many different depth levels.


2) Crank Bait

Yet another artificial lure that came from the bass fishing world, crank baits quickly found a home in the saltwater fishing community. Small beads on the inside of these hard baits rattle to attract, and the their action screams "easy meal." They are simple to work and are especially deadly in off-color water. Classics include: Minnow Minis


3) Poppers

Popping plugs, or “poppers,” are saltwater fishing lures that splash across the surface, drawing a reaction bite from aggressive predators, and work best at dawn and dusk when fish are more likely to feed on the surface. When you need to raise a ruckus to draw fish, a surface popper is often the best bet. Most predators prefer prey that's easily captured. When retrieved erratically, the sound of a popper on draws attention and looks like an easy meal, something game fish can't ignore. 


4) Twitchbait

Twitchbaits are ideal to have because they are designed to mimic a glass minnow which is one of the most favorite natural baitfish for cruising coastal predator game fish. Twitchbaits are very versatile as you can fish them many different ways and in a variety of water depths. With a slight twitch of the rod, these lures dart from left to right on the retrieve to mimic injured baitfish, an easy mark for hungry fish. You can find these essential saltwater fishing lures in a vast variety of shapes and colors.


5) Bucktail Jig

No matter where you are and what type of water you are fishing, a good old-fashioned bucktail jig is hard to beat. Anglers can fish these using a variety of retrieves in both shallow and deep water. The simplicity of the design gives anglers a wide range of versatility when it comes to fishing with them.



You don’t need a tackle box full of hundreds of lures to catch saltwater fish around the globe. If you are going to be saltwater fishing anywhere in the world, you'll want to ensure that you have these five saltwater fishing lures in your tackle box. At least one of these essential saltwater fishing lures will be able to create strikes for you, almost regardless of where you are fishing.

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